He’s not only a husband.The Age of online ‘Wife Guy’

He’s not only a husband.The Age of online ‘Wife Guy’

The spouse man hitched a female, yet again is their character — possibly even their task.

Couple of years ago, Robbie Tripp Instagrammed their spouse. He posted an image for the set embracing in swimwear in Miami and penned, “I favor this girl along with her curvy human anatomy.” He then detailed their journey toward feminism and human body positivity, and their change into a person who are able to proudly post online: “This gorgeous woman we married fills out every inches of her jeans and it is nevertheless the most amazing one in the space.”

From there Tripp’s online notoriety took a familiar trajectory. First he had been praised; he then had been mocked; now he could be a novelty rapper. Tripp’s music movie for the track “Chubby Sexy,” also featuring their curvy wife, dropped month that is last. It features the lyric: “Living my most readily useful life/with my curvy wife/We haven’t slept in weeks/she keep me personally up at evening”

Across the means, Tripp has established one thing larger than himself. He could be pioneering an entire new online ethnographic group, one in the center of a profoundly ambivalent state of heterosexual coupling in the usa: “wife dudes.”

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