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Avoid drawing the letters with your fingers, keep your wrist in constant motion, constantly raise your hand on the paper, hold the pen too tightly or smash it on top of the paper. A fourteenth-century example of an administrative record is given below.

The Government of Nepal has recognized its signature as the most beautiful in the whole world. He is an inspiration to all children who are constantly striving to improve their writing. We also hope all physicians and medical practitioners are encouraged / inspired by their amazing writing..

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The cursory style of writing and the much wider use of abbreviations, allowed the writer to write faster. The script used to write legal and administrative documents was slightly different from the official books used for literary works, but shared many features.

It does not take long and as long as you can legally write, it can produce a quality font worthy of almost any use. According to Seah Chickering-Burchesky, senior UX designer at MyFonts, the app can identify 130,000 characters with the help of machine learning. The latest version of the application can distinguish many letters in an image as well as related scenarios. People suggested that Microsoft adopt their products and their visible scripts as an official font in MS-Word.

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Everyone is happy to see the beautiful manuscripts of this year’s eight Nepalese beauties. It is the virality and popularity of all social media that good things reach almost everyone instantly. His excellent writings make a great impression on any reader. From a small child to a teenager, parents and even the elderly want to see Malla’s beautiful handwriting. In terms of writing technique, be sure to use your fingers as a guide and move the pen using your forearms and shoulder muscles, maintaining good posture..