A Damsel in This Dress. 2 Faces of Winter: Polaris

A Damsel in This Dress. 2 Faces of Winter: Polaris

It was the next area of the task 2 Faces of Winter, and whereas the initial one, Desolation, ended up being exactly about the bleakness for the period, this 1, Polaris, was to be exactly about the sparkle for the freshly fallen snow, peaceful, fluffy and cool, reflected in a choice of the poor sunlight, or, better yet, into the cool moonlight for a night that is starry. Backlink to my motivation board right right here

I’d a dress, all in feathers, and a bridal coating from our Winter Bride collection lat year – but needed an effective wintery corset and headdress to choose them.

When the base ended up being ready ( white cotton sateen, interior boning, bound in silver), it had been time and energy to begin regarding the decoration…

Tinkering with various textures

Layering the bling…

The headdress ended up being the next thing – and since the layer appears a little Russian I decided to choose the conventional Russian headdress called kokoshnik tiara.

First – the bottom, tinkering with the shape

It, added attachment points and covered everything in white linen first, then silk when I was happy with the shape, i stabilized. The bottom had been trimmed with marabou feathers, and silvery ferns that are white arranged at the top. Then simply added bling, together with strings of pearls…

Every thing had been prepared, but we’d a small issue… no snowfall in England. None forecast either for the following couple of weeks, and it also had been the finish of January… Whenever we desired snowfall we either needed to think beyond your field – or travel.

Happily my moms and dads are now living in Oslo – and snowfall will there be aplenty. Following a look that is quick spending plan air companies and timing, we had been scheduled in the journey to Norway. A quick trip, 2 times, must be sufficient to perform a shoot, meet up with my people and possibly do a little skiing!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon along with a brief watch for my moms and dads who have been away at the language school, learning Norwegian. Continue reading “A Damsel in This Dress. 2 Faces of Winter: Polaris”