Can semen cause genital odour after intercourse?

Can semen cause genital odour after intercourse?

A poster to at least one of y our forums, ashley73242, composed about her concerns of an unusual odour that is vaginal her male partner ejaculated inside her during intercourse. She also felt the semen would continue steadily to leak out from her vagina for a and was concerned the duration was contributing to the smell week.

just How should a vagina odor?

To simply help answer ashley73242’s question, its firstly crucial to know what exactly is a ‘normal’ scent for the vagina. a vagina that is healthy never ever odour-free. It’s entirely normal for the vagina to possess a natural scent that is specific to you personally.

Why you have my boyfriend’s cum to smell so incredibly bad inside of me personally? Often i’m want it rots in there then leaks away. It smells so incredibly bad!!

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— ashley73242, Rotten odor after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

Your vagina is just very very carefully balanced ecosystem and can be host to normally a community of ‘good’ bacteria. One of several bacteria that are main called Lactobacillus, just like the kind found in ‘live’ yoghurts. In substitution for its house, Lactobacillus produces acid that is lactic hydrogen peroxide. This keeps genital pH at a range this is certainly optimal of. These conditions that are acidic being a disinfectant and discourage less welcome germs from causing infections. Its these natural germs that can play a role in a vagina’s normal scent.

Is the life style providing you thrush?

Genital thrush is really a typical ailment by having a predicted three away from four females developing it .

Is the life style providing you thrush?

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Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?

Exactly what your genital release could possibly be attempting to let you know

Genital sex and odour

Such as the armpits, the groin has a higher concentration of perspiration glands. During workout and intercourse, it really is normal for the genitals to have sweaty and also this may subscribe to a more prominent odour that is vaginal. Continue reading “Can semen cause genital odour after intercourse?”