BAWDY BRUNEI: Randy royals utilize country as personal ATM, cathouse

BAWDY BRUNEI: Randy royals utilize country as personal ATM, cathouse

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Specialists question the Sultan of Brunei has received a recently available awakening that is religious their death penalty edict on homosexual intercourse. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Sultan of Brunei is in a specially pissy mood.

The oil potentate recently issued an edict demanding that individuals caught having sex that is gay be stoned to death.

Adulterers will additionally be stoned or whipped. Robbers? They’ll lose hand or perhaps a base.

And regardless of the global condemnation regarding the Asian petrostate’s fatwa, strictly Muslim Brunei is not likely to backtrack.

“This is actually perhaps not originating from a spot of spiritual devotion considering that the sultan himself is with in breach of any single guideline of Sharia legislation you could feasibly imagine, ” religious scholar Reza Aslan told the newest York Post.

Author Jillian Lauren ended up being a popular of Prince Jefri. She had been person in their harem. JILLIAN LAUREN

Which brings within the rather messy subject for the sultan’s boy that is bad, Prince Jefri.

For a long time, he apparently blasted through $14.8 billion, kept a compensated harem of 40 females and held sex events on their yacht which he dubbed “Tits. ”

“Jefri has most likely experienced more cash than just about every other individual on the planet, ” Vanity Fair reported.

Tales of their intimate debauchery are legion.

Pint-sized pervert Prince Jefri had an insatiable intimate appetite. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Brunei sits from the area of Borneo and ended up being a protectorate that is british a lot of the previous century until it gained liberty in 1984. Continue reading “BAWDY BRUNEI: Randy royals utilize country as personal ATM, cathouse”