Should We Let Our Bisexual Daughter Have Sleepovers?

Should We Let Our Bisexual <a href="">flirtymania</a> Daughter Have Sleepovers?

Welcome to “Survivor, ” by which writer Catherine Newman attempts to reply to your questions regarding adolescents and just why they’re like this — and exactly how to love them despite every thing.

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Our daughter that is 16-year-old came as bi. We’re totally supportive of this, but are not sure how to deal with sleepovers. Do we continue steadily to permit them with girls not boys because that appears right though it makes no sense that is logical? Expand the guidelines to incorporate men, because what difference does it make? Ban them completely and win the Meanest Parents award? Assist!

— Suffering Sleepovers

“Totally supportive” is such a lovely place to start, Struggling. Then you’ve all got it made in the shade, whatever pajama-party rules you end up deciding on if you cherish your daughter and respect her sexuality and she trusts you and your intentions.

And I also don’t realize that rules will be the real approach to take here. Clearly, you don’t desire to secure your child up in a tower like some chaste, bi Rapunzel waiting around for her prince or princess to rise up her long braid or grab onto her buzz cut and save her. And truly, you don’t wish to discipline her for being released as bisexual by constraining her life that is social as outcome. Continue reading “Should We Let Our Bisexual Daughter Have Sleepovers?”

Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back once again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back once again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ intimate attack target reveals singer ruined her life, calls singer ‘scum. ‘

Kenny Rogers ‘ 25-year-old assault that is sexual has resurfaced plus the girl whom filed the outcome against Rogers is talking away, revealing all after all those years. Lisa Applewhite could be the title of Kenny Rogers’ target and she claims that she’s never ever gotten throughout the terrible attack and seems just as if she never ever will. Applewhite now goes on the very last title of Kimball, and reported to Radar on the web, “It makes me personally mad and cringe once I see him on television, ” states Lisa. “I think he’s scum that is filthy.

Definitely, he ruined my entire life. ”

Kenny Rogers thinks phone intercourse is innocent enjoyable

She actually is now revealing the information. Lisa stated she came across Kenny through a household buddy because of the name of Billy Bob Harris who was simply an extremely good friend of Rogers. Harris claimed he might get Lisa a right component in Kenny’s movie and provided Kenny Lisa’s quantity. Kenny later called Lisa asking her to audition for the component within the movie. Lisa stated Kenny paid $3,000 on her pictures, liked exactly exactly exactly exactly what he saw, and thought she’d perfectly fit the part but informed her it absolutely was extremely important that she keep their “relationship” quiet. Continue reading “Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back once again to haunt him”