BTS Dating Game (RPG)

BTS Dating Game (RPG)

You might be a transfer pupil in BigHit academy in Seoul Korea (P. S do not go harsh you met seven students and guess what on me? C’mon!

! I am Jungkook Oppa’s small sibling, Irene

! Phone me Ire (Pronounced as Eerie or Airi)

Kk, Begin currently Ire.

! But i do believe i prefer Irene a lot more

! We’ll call you Ire then

(RPG Starting)You had been a transfer student in BigHite academy while you heard a sound that called down “Help! Assist! ” Just What can you do?

Keep it, then again personally i think sorry. Therefore, we’ll simply assist them for a bit that is little view.

You wound up saving the individual and then he smiled at you “Many thanks, I am Park Jimin, what exactly is yours? “

Smile “Oh, I’m F/n L/n”

“I’m F/n L/n, are you currently alright? “

“I’m F/n L/n, We have no title” Crosses hands. “But A name is had by you. ” Jimin replied.

No matter what you said made him smile and burst in laughter, you raised a brow ” Exactly Just What will you be laughing at? ” He looked I just faked that help sound, an by the way I was hoping for a certain person to come save me at you and replied “Nope”

Blush “Ah, oh no! I quickly should’ve then let you died. “

“Oh, i’m very sorry to truly save you”

“Oh, however you could’ve died if i did not help you save”

A kid arrived operating “Jimin hyung! ” Jimin switched that means “Ah, Taetae–“You raised a brow ‘Who is that? ‘ you thought.

-How numerous men are there-

(the answer that is right Two)Another kid arrived in which he appeared to be a familiar buddy of yours, he strolled towards Jimin “Hyung, had been likely to be belated if you simply remain right right here”

Simply pay attention while humming a song *

Raise a brow “Late? “

“Oh, and also by the way F/n. He is my cutie pie Jeon Jungkook”The name sounded familiar, surname we presume. Continue reading “BTS Dating Game (RPG)”