My Gay Companion By Tony Bravo, Illustrated by Jenifer Wofford

My Gay Companion By Tony Bravo, Illustrated by Jenifer Wofford

“C an you come beside me into the doctor? ” The text had been from Jacqueline, my mate and confidante since 1852 (roughly) plus the only woman we ever kissed. Don’t obtain the idea that is wrong we had been in Westside tale together once we had been 10.

If Jacs and I also required each other, “yes” had been suggested. “Are you sick? ” We asked.

“It’s the type of visit where just my GBF is going to do. ”

Nothing more must be stated.

In san francisco bay area there are two main forms of male/female pairings. One could be the heterosexual coupling. The second reason is the GBF/straight woman duo. GBF: Gay Closest Friend. That’s my globe: certainly one of friendships that have lasted longer than romantic entanglements, hours conspiring within our key language, as well as on a few occasions, trying to puzzle out which one of us the ambiguous guy that is hot striking on.

Like a Tibetan lama, GBFs are created, perhaps not made. I’ve developed several theories in regards to the reason behind these relationships that are special.

1. Biology: Around puberty same intercourse inclined males usually become alienated from male peers at approximately the exact same minute girls are conditioned to look at feminine peers as competition. Hence, an alliance comes into the world.

2. Socio-politically: Historically, ladies and homosexual guys have actually been second-class residents in a global ruled by heterosexual males and are usually normal co-combatants while they battle the injustice of sexism.

3. Psychologically: among the negative effects of difficult childhoods is the fact that some gays produce a tremendous convenience of empathy and are also better buddies as a result of it. Continue reading “My Gay Companion By Tony Bravo, Illustrated by Jenifer Wofford”