The incumbent already being in a senior position would have

Critical Success FactorsThe most obvious mentor for a candidate identified as the successor is the incumbent. The incumbent already being in a senior position would have much of the general characteristics expected from a mentor, such as good listening and communication skills, social skills, and people skills. A mentor also needs to possess a strong coaching ability, and needs to have a knack of explaining complex topics simply.

Watsuki mentions in the manga that he based the billowy capes image on Spawn of Image Comics by Todd McFarlane (the size of the collar pieces was reduced in the anime).The name Hiko Seijuro is in fact a title granted to each succeeding master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. Since Hiko Seijuurou II, each new master has discarded his own name in favor of the name of the creator of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. As Kenshin declines to take the name “Hiko Seijuurou XIV”, his master is the last man ever to be known as Hiko Seijuurou..

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From this point they can maintain face to all of their citizens, and “leverage” what they have to broker peace. His goal is to build the economy into a powerhouse.Kim Jong Un reads the history books and knows about how China opened up to the West and prospered. He is likely following in those steps.

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